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Subsequent to its registration at Department for Registration of Companies under no. 21700, and obtaining National Identification Code of 10103455953, Ra’d Al-ghadir Charity Institute successfully obtained other license/permits from competent authorities such as Ministry of Interior, Security Police Department of Tehran, State Welfare Organization of Iran, and Iran Technical and Vocational Institute.


Our Services

Raad Al Ghadir At A Glance

With the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of rehabilitation-seekers (individuals suffering from physical and motor disabilities) through technical and vocational education and rehabilitation, Ra’d Al-ghadir Institute was established in October 2001. Since the beginning of its activity, the institute has provided more than 2000 deprived rehabilitation-seekers of the south and southwest of Tehran with free of charge services.

Free Dental Services

Considering the important of health care, especially dentistry for the disabled, Ra’d Al-Ghadir Institute, with the help of benefactors and dentists, established the first and only dental care center for the disabled. This center is equipped with three dental units as well as the devices and equipment required for treatment donated by benefactors. This center offers services such as tooth extraction, composite fillings, cleaning, root canal, dental photography.

Free Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services of the institute are provided under two categories of Children (from birth up to 14 years of age) and Adults (from the age 15 to 40) in two areas of occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Free Technical and Vocational Education

The institute provides technical and vocational education in the fields of information technology, handcrafts, fine arts, design and tailoring, and subsequent to receiving education, rehabilitation-seekers are referred to Iran Technical and Vocational Education Organization for taking examinations and receiving certificates.

Establishment of Similar Centers in Deprived Regions of Iran

Since one of the main goals of this charity institute is alleviation of deprivation, cultural and social poverty of the disabled throughout the country, especially in deprived regions, the staff of the institute, with the support of benefactors and help of God, have been successfully in establishment and operationalization of free vocational and rehabilitation centers for the disabled in the cities of Boushehr, Bandar-e Abbas, Zahedan, Shiraz, Kashan, Rasht, Sabzevar, Hamedan, Aligoudarz and Tehran (Yaftabad, Pakdasht, Jeihoun Mahalati, Resalat and Ray).

Social Entrepreneurship

Since the goal of the institute and its sponsors is fighting against the concept of disability, idleness and over-reliance on charity, and also promoting the belief of capability and perseverance in making a decent living, the institute has resolved to support employment and self-employment. From the beginning of its activities in the area of entrepreneurship, the institute has helped 660 rehabilitation-seekers, suffering from physical and sensory disabilities, find employment in more than 30 fields and make a decent living through employment in support workshops such as tailoring, message centers, healthy breakfast as well as self-employment support workshops in the areas of handcrafts and art. Moreover, with the aim of supporting vulnerable groups (breadwinning women), the institute has started its activity in the area of educational empowerment and entrepreneurship, and currently 100 breadwinning women are working in clothing and suit lines.


The Raad al-Ghadir charity institute, after registering with the company’s registration number 21700 and receiving the national ID 10103455953, obtained other necessary licenses from competent authorities such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Tehran High Security Police Department, the welfare state and the country’s technical and vocational organization.