. - Charter

Lightning that fertilizes clouds and brings about rain and with it life and blessing to people, and the roaring sound of thunder intertwined with praying of God are all but signs of greatness of this divine thunderbolt.

Likewise, Ra’d Alghadir Institute, as the name suggests (Ra’d in Arabic means thunder), sees nurturing talents and developing potentials of rehabilitation-seekers as its core responsibility.

May God’s blessing help develop the talents of rehabilitation-seekers and brings about happiness and prosperity for them and the society at large.

• Prevalence of disabilities (one out of ten members of the society suffers from physical, sensory, motor etc. disabilities) demands special training of these people so that they can enjoy a pleasant normal life like other people of the same age.
• Ignorance, negligence, superstition, fear are some of the social factors that have cast aside people with disabilities throughout history and hampered or otherwise halted their growth.
• Collecting donations and paying pension can ultimately result in transformation of a physically-disabled person into a socially-disabled being.
• Kindness is an inherent need and benefaction is the response to an internal need of human beings. Amicable cooperation can bring about jubilance, competence and hope.
• One of the reasons for satisfaction is feeling of being capable to live without reliance on others, as such, like other groups of people, the disabled need to have decent job opportunities in order to make a living.
• Professional rehabilitation is an effective factor in reducing or removing obstacles faced by the disabled. So why not replacing the word “Disabled” with “Rehabilitation Seeker”.
• Education and employment which play a significant role in identity reconstruction and attaining independence of rehabilitation-seekers are considered good deeds. Possessing capabilities such as valor, kindness, invincibility, meticulousness, perseverance and sincerity, and relying their on self-confidence and scientific and professional competence, rehabilitation-seekers can concentrate on solving problems.

۱٫ Provide rehabilitation-seekers with education and professional rehabilitation services to the extent possible, and by creating employment opportunities for them pave the grounds for them to make their own contribution to rehabilitation-seeking community.

۲٫ Educate rehabilitation-seekers in such a way that it compensates for their physical, sensory and motor disabilities to the extent possible.

۳٫ Provide practical and updated education fitted to the facilities and capabilities of rehabilitation-seekers so that we ultimately facilitate their employment.

۴٫ Organize all our activities and attempts in such a way that we can expect the highest possible level of efficiency of our professional rehabilitation for rehabilitation-seekers.

۵٫ Put the received donations to efficient use so that we can reach out rehabilitation-seeker in various geographical areas throughout the country.

۶٫ Enhance practical and professional aspects of the provided education on constant basis, and always keep that in mind that the purpose of providing education is empowering learners for their efficient work and economic benefits.

۷٫ Consider rehabilitation-seekers from different strata of society in provision of our services and give priority to those residing in remote deprived regions.

۸٫ Enhance social prestige of the institute constantly so that benefactors can make their contributions without any doubt or misgivings. To summarize, reinforce the disposition of benefactors in pursuit of good deeds.

• All the people involved in Ra’d Alghadir Institute, be obligated to make the decisions through discussions and negotiations and in accordance with majority vote in light of divine teachings.

• Members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees be united in cooperation, speech and understanding while engaged in the act of education.

• Each and every one of the employees and managers at the institute work in pursuit of good deeds with coordinated and unified understanding.

• Each and every one of the employees and managers at the institute and related organizations focus on the capabilities of rehabilitation-seekers not on their limitations and disabilities.

• Each and every one of the employees and managers at the institute and related organizations be worthy of the trust and confidence they’ve been granted by benefactors, and exercise extreme caution in utilization of facilities and donations.

• Each and every one of the employees and managers at the institute be equipped with skills, practical knowledge of professional rehabilitation, so that they can pursue professional rehabilitation in light of the institute’s mission.

• The founders of the institute and organizations keep a continued relationship with trainees and provide them with counsel in time of difficulty, and try to stay in touch with them with regards to working situation subsequent to their graduation.

• Provided with free educational and professional rehabilitation, rehabilitation-seekers feel obliged to cooperation in mutual provision of material and spiritual services to other rehabilitation-seekers and the institute.

• Each and every one of the employees and managers at the institute and related organizations feel responsible for obtaining people’s cooperation and donations.

• The mangers of organizations make use of the most advanced scientific and experimental achievements in accordance with their culture and principles, and minimize bureaucracy, tension and unnecessary expenses.

• We promote the culture of benefaction in light of divine teachings, and invite those benefactors who have expertise and experience in professional education to cooperate.

• We preserve the non-governmental and non-political nature of the institute and promote it as a good model for creating the belief in self-reliance.

• We provide a more accurate understanding of the phenomenon of disability and the existing facilities in the institute for the families of rehabilitation-seekers and consequently pave the way for maximum presence of rehabilitation-seekers in technical-vocational education centers.

• In light of the principle of “think globally and act domestically” make partnership with international, regional and national organizations so that we are seen as outstanding and successful compared to countries of our status.

• In addition to rehabilitation and professional education services, always keep our relations with the society, entrepreneurs, owners of industries, business enterprises, and all occupation and employment resources in the country and introduce the capabilities of our graduates accurately without exaggeration.

• We take into consideration the market demand and organize the educational and professional rehabilitation services of the institute accordingly.

• Raise officials’ awareness and provide the necessary cooperation regarding the importance and necessity of providing special facilities, availability of educational and public welfare facilities, and accessibility of public transportation and other urban services for rehabilitation-seekers.