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Ra’d Jameh Support Workshop

Establishing employment support workshop in the field of work uniforms for companies and hospitals, school uniforms and Islamic rite of puberty ceremony packages, for boys and girls, sewing hospital gown etc. providing employment for up to 25 rehabilitation-seekers

Permanent Rehabilitation-Seekers’ Self-Employment Market

Establishment of the first permanent rehabilitation-seekers’ self-Employment market in Tehran providing employment for up to 11 rehabilitation-seekers

Dental Clinic

Establishment of the first dental clinic for rehabilitation-seekers in the country with the aim of providing 100 percent free-of-charge dental services for rehabilitation-seekers of all around the country with collaboration of dentist benefactors

Establishment of Similar Centers in Deprived Regions

Resolved to provide support to the disabled in different regions of the country, Ra’d Al-ghadir Institute, with the help of some benefactors, has embarked on establishing centers in the cities of Bandar-e Abbas, Boushehr, Shiraz, Kashan, Zahedan, Aligoudarz, Esfahan, Rasht etc. as well as other parts of Tehran Province, Pakdasht, Resalat, Ray and Mahalti.

Rehabilitation Center for Children

Establishment of a rehabilitation center for children (occupational therapy and speech therapy) for the physically-disabled from the birth up to 14 years of age for prevention of the development of their disabilities and their treatment

Permanent Stores for Sale of Rehabilitation-Seekers’ Products through Daneshkar National Memorandum of Understanding

Permanent store for sale of art products and handicrafts of the institute for the purpose of selling and demonstrating the capabilities of the disabled at this institute or other assistance-seekers under the support of State Welfare Organization of Iran (SWOI) through a national memorandum of understanding, called Daneshkar, at ground floor of SWOI Building, Fayazbakhsh St., Park-e Shahr

Establishment of 13th Aban Center under the Title of Kowsar Plan of the Municipality (Entrepreneurship Center)

This center was acquired in 2014 under the title of Kowsar Plan of the Municipality of Tehran in order to provide support for entrepreneurship and employment of the disabled and breadwinning women. Currently, a sewing workshop providing employment for up to 5 breadwinning women, wood industry workshop providing employment for 1 breadwinning woman, herbal juice extraction workshop providing employment for 1 physically-disabled woman, preparing and packing healthy breakfast workshop providing employment for up to 3 breadwinning women, and 25 physically-disabled individuals for distribution at subway stations in Tehran city.

Establishment of the Largest Entrepreneurship Center of Assistance-Seekers in Tehran

The largest entrepreneurship center of assistance-seekers in Tehran was established in collaboration with SWOI in 2015 in Mahalati Region, providing employment for 170 assistance-seekers (physically-disabled breadwinning rehabilitation-seekers. This unit is comprised of workshops in the fields of: tailoring (sewing different kinds of suits), leather crafting, carpet weaving, handicrafts, catering, and call center.