Our Mission

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Supporting the disabled to find employment in Iran is one of the core issues of professional and social rehabilitation of the disabled, and this institute tries to take effective measures in this area by seeking spiritual, financial and intellectual cooperation from benefactors and innovators.

Relying on people’s contributions, the institute takes specific actions to reduce unemployment rate, prevent disabilities, and provide the disabled with information and education.

Ra’d Al-ghadir is a strong advocate of the physically-disabled, and throughout this path not only treasures the capabilities of the disabled but also promotes the confidence in their capabilities in the society.

Integrity, clarity, responsibility, and gratitude lie at the heart of Ra’d Al-ghadir Institute and are assiduously pursued considering the improvements and effective changes taken place together with planning and specific strategies.

ماموریت رعد الغدیر

With the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of rehabilitation-seekers (the physically and kinetically disabled), Ra’d Al-ghadir Charity Institute officially started its activities in October 2001 by providing “technical and vocational training”, “rehabilitation” and “employment”, and after going through the required formalities, the institute was officially registered as an NGO under no. 21700 on October 20, 2007. In light of the fact that the goal of the founders, sponsors as well as the rehabilitation-seekers sponsors is fighting against the concept of disability, idleness and over-reliance on charity, and also promoting the belief of capability and perseverance in making a decent living, the institute has resolved to support employment and self-employment of the disabled, and now with the help of God and support of altruists and benefactors, these individuals turn into professional and capable people in a short period of time through employment at “Sewing” Support Workshop, “Message Center” as well as self-employment support workshops in fields of frame-making, computer graphics, handicrafts and art. For this reason, after 15 years of honest work and provision of services to more than 2000 physically and kinetically disabled individuals in Tehran, this institute has successfully created secure employment for 666 rehabilitation-seekers so far.