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Ra’d Al-ghadir is an organization rooted in willingness to serve others, and aims at professional rehabilitation of the physically disabled regardless of race, ethnicity and discrimination.

This charity institute is non-political, non-profit, non-governmental and publically accessible, and is administered with reliance upon humanitarian assistance and collection of people’s donations including money, goods, services and technical knowledge.

Ra’d Al-ghadir is making an attempt to alleviate the post-puberty and adult sufferings of the disabled through examination and identification of effective educational methods leading to employment, and provision of timely rehabilitation services employing a preventive approach and treatment of disability in childhood. We try our best, through provision of free specialized rehabilitation services, to make sure that child is housebound or suffers the pain and disability, and no disabled person without any skills is outcast at home.

چشم انداز رعد الغدیر

Ra’d Al-ghadir, through provision of honest services, as one of the most reliable charity organizations of Tehran has been in collaboration with benefactors, organization and institutes, and attempts, employing utmost executive and managerial capabilities, to play a positive role as a yardstick and role model for other similar institutes at national and international levels.

Staff and benefactors work congenially at Ra’d Al-ghadir to achieve their humanitarian goals. Seeking expert’s opinion regarding education, rehabilitation and employment, this institute attempts to take major steps, internationally and domestically, in the field of disability as a leading institute.