. - Prologue

Ra’d Al-ghadir is a non-political NGO serving public interest established in October 2001 with the goal of enhancing the capabilities of rehabilitation-seekers (physically and kinetically disabled) through “technical and vocational training”, “rehabilitation” and effective support of “employment and entrepreneurship” of rehabilitation-seekers.

Subsequent to completion of administrative formalities and obtaining legal licenses from Ministry of Interior of IRI, State Welfare Organization, Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Security Police of Tehran, was officially registered at Companies and Non-Commercial Enterprises Registration Department under no. 21700 as an NGO.

Since the establishment of the institute in Yaftabad neighborhood, a deprived region in the west of Tehran, more than 2500 physically disabled rehabilitation-seekers residing in this region, and neighboring areas as well as other towns near Tehran (Eslamshahr, Robatkarim, Ghaleh Hassankhan, Pakdasht, Pishva, Varamin, Shahre Ray and Karaj) have benefited from 100 percent free-of-charge services of the institute.

Since the goal of the institute and its sponsors is fighting against the concept of disability, idleness and over-reliance on charity, and also promoting the belief of capability and perseverance in making a decent living, the institute has resolved to support employment and self-employment.

Currently, the institute, as a pioneer in social entrepreneurship, in implementation and development of this new culture, by creating more than 700 job opportunities for the disabled in Tehran and other parts of Iran, has become a credible model at Welfare Organization and among other charity institutes in the area of social empowerment of the disabled.

Since the beginning of the institute’s activities in areas of entrepreneurship and employment, more than 700 physically and kinetically disabled rehabilitation-seekers have become able to make a decent living by working at support workshops such as “Message Center”, “Sewing”, and “Employment Agency” as well as self-employment support workshops in various fields of “handicrafts and Art”.
As a national NGO aiming at providing public, free-of-charge services for physically and kinetically disabled in other deprived provinces, the institute has established similar centers in cities of Boushehr, Bandar-e Abbas, Zahedan, Gilan, Kashan, Esfahan, Shiraz, Aligoudarz, Pakdasht, Sabzevar, Hamedan etc., relying only on the contributions of the local benfactors without receiving any help from the government.