Social Responsibilities

. - Social Responsibilities

“Organizations must not just be efficient, but they also have to serve the society they are active in.”– Trans R. Mitchel

Non-governmental organizations play a significant role as effective instruments in cultural, economic, social and political affair of the society. In empowering and promoting good culture in the society, identification of sources of social issues, and offering scientific solutions to eliminate shortcomings, they can prevent waste of talents by reinforcing self-confidence and tapping on potential capabilities and efficient force of masses of people.

مسئولیت اجتماعی

Non-governmental organizations create ample opportunities for individuals to be present in society so that, by doing voluntary work, they enhance their capabilities, the lasting impact of which in the society is undeniable. Moreover, by gaining people’s trust and attracting their donations on national and international scales in order to tackle social issues, these organizations can pave the ground for other organizations to play a role and fulfill their social responsibilities in the society which is also the target of their economic activities. The roots of cooperation lie in our traditions as well as our religious beliefs. Non-governmental organizations in Iran have been built upon public cooperation in helping the poor, establishing nurseries, clinics, schools etc. by benefactors and local trustees. People’s donations to Ra’d Al-ghadir in form of offerings, is the continuation of the same thoughts and beliefs of this country throughout the history.

Besides, in today’s industrial world, issued such as social responsibilities of companies are the modern instruments in attracting people’s contributions and the non-governmental organizations need to become familiar with such instruments to enjoy their benefits.